How to sew zippers

Time: 2012-06-07
  There may come a time you need to add or replace a zipper, clothing items or articles, to add or restore function. It's easy sewn fabric, zipper, if you have a little knowledge and the right equipment. Here is how to hide the zipper sewn into any straight seam, which is a great application, such as shopping bags, pillowcases or clothing.
1 Measure the seam you want to sew the zipper. Tailor tape and a plane in order to obtain the most accurate measurement. Purchase at least as long as you are in a matching or coordinating color measurement mark the length of the fabric weight zipper.
2 Sewing a basting needle and press it open. Fabric on the wrong side of the zipper PIN code. The center of the tooth side basting thread and needle zipper tape, cloth, beyond the opening ceremony.
3 Around the outside of a fixed, straight-seam zipper zipper foot. Sutures to keep as close as possible to the zipper teeth.
4 Strengthen the back stitching across a few times the top and bottom. This will remain beyond the fabric opening of the zipper pull.
5 Basting needle gently pulled out a seam ripper. This will open the seam and zipper function. Do not go beyond the zipper seam, reinforced at both ends.

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