How to use pull a man's belt buckle

How to use pull a man's belt buckle

Men's belts in a variety of styles, shank button and through the belt buckle pull to see a popular surge in the early 21st century. A pull, a combination of practical belt buckles and fashion. Although the typical leisure zone, by pulling the belt can dress up. Learn how to wear a pull, belt buckle is fairly simple.

1A braided belt, and shake until you stay in front of your waist to and fro with both ends of each loop in your pants.

2 Sewing press button to keep the band end in each hand. Consider you through the belt loops of your pants in front of the end of the year.

3Through two belt buckle ring the front of the belt. The belt buckle pull usually has two metal or plastic ring, although the style may vary, depending on your belt.

4 Pull out the front end by inserting at the last step, through the buckle.

5 Plastic insert buckle belt tight. If you have a lot of extra length, you can tuck your pants in front of the belt through the first loop.