Aboutmethod of use snap fasteners

Aboutmethod of use snap fasteners

Snap fastener used in place of the button or zipper as a closed clothes or accessories. there are two types of cards - posts and pins. In a similar manner, installation of buckle is more suitable for different projects. Most suitable for thick fabrics such as leather garments, handbags and jeans, postal card. Prong buckle woven materials such as wool, cotton and other light fabrics, is the most suitable. You can line up one side, usually raised in the central area, and the opposite, it will adapt and the proposed unit area of ??about cards. Then you press them together. The two sides to each other as a closed unit clips.

One marks you want to attach a unit in the fabric fabric markers. Once you have settled in the positioning of buckle fabric puncher punch holes with scissors or use. If you are using a claw clasp, you can bypass the punch.

2, inserted in the hole on the fabric unit. With a fork card, garment zipper insert the marked points on the fabric.

3 clips to the side, closed by a two-pronged unit savings stud and folders to each other a two-pronged unit outlet.

4 stud closed at one end cap to each other after the unit clips to the top of the latter unit.

5 Trousers hook gently smashed with a hammer in each unit completely seals.